"Just wanted to send a note about how much we love our front deck stairs (and the deck too:)). You were right on and WE LOVE THEM!!! Heather and I were coming home the other day with loads of groceries etc and my knees did not hurt at all coming up those stairs - thanks for talking us into them :) We are so happy!!!!!"


"In May of 2010 my wife Sarah and I began construction of our new home,a 6000 sq. ft. Passive Solar Octagon with an entry connecting a 3 bay garage. Ben came on board in september and stayed through to completion at the end of 2011. Ben designed and built our incredible kitchen from concept to finished product.

Ben is very easy to work with and has a vast knowledge of all phases and aspects of construction. He is up to date on all of the latest products and techniques of this rapidly growing and changing industry. Ben is a hard worker. He is fast and accurate. I couldn't recommend him too highly! I consider my opinion qualified as I have worked many aspects of construction a good deal of my life. Among all of the highly skilled craftsmen that have been involved in this project I hold Ben in the highest regard. Were I to undertake another project of any size Ben would be there in whatever capacity "he" chose. Ben is indeed a rare find!"

~ John Moulton

"Ben Below is not only a fine Builder, he is a fine person. Ben has been building our 6,000 square foot octagon with us
for over a year now and what a blessing he is. At the risk of sounding overly positive I will outline some of the qualities
I most appreciate about Ben.

He is a hard worker; he sets the pace for the whole crew. Ben works long hours starting at 7 am even on a frigid
February morning on an icy roof. His attention to detail is unmatched by any of the four other carpenters on this
job; finding and buying supplies and parts that are really green products for example. Ben has incredible initiative;
we needed shelves to organize tools in the garage and when I agreed, it appeared the next day.

He is a fine craftsman; just look at the beautiful ash kitchen he totally designed and built for us! Communication
skills are number one in any job involving a team and Ben is a master communicator. He has a great sense
of humor which goes miles on those days when you think the project will never end. He is thoughtful and
considerate as we are living in our new house now and the details are still in progress! Ben is patient and
persistent and he is super at multi tasking.

To sum this seemingly glorified testimonial up I say in all truth ... if I need a Builder to do any job in the future Ben
Below will be the first person I call."

~Sarah Moulton

"Ben is friendly and down to earth, while enthusiastically working to better our efficiency. Ben worked closely with
us to make sure our project fit our budget.

Ben teaches and inspires as he works. We not only have a great heating system, we have an efficient one that we

Thank you Ben.
~Jennifer Nadeau

"When we found Ben, we were in need of a skilled craftsman who could hold our big-picture design while attending
to even the smallest details. Collaborating with Ben was so easy because he listened to us, was able to offer
alternative solutions or products, and clearly explained the consequences of our choices. Ben’s flexibility and
tolerance were comfortable to live with – day in and day out – until it was completed. As in – finished.

If only we had hired Ben at the beginning of our project! His interpretation of our vision would have been much less
expensive overall than the expensive mistakes that needed to be changed.

Now our home is a place of glowing beauty and understated function.

Thank you for creating the ‘castle’ we wanted.
-Two very happy, grateful, content, pleased and satisfied customers-"

Joe & Heather

"Benjamin Below is a resident of Harpswell and has done many building, rebuilding, and remodeling projects for the citizens of this town. He is known for his excellent work. He has worked for me several times. When consulting with him on a project he has recommended improvements that I was unaware needed to be done. All made my home more comfortable.

He is experienced in complete building and remodeling. Even if your home is an older model he is able to modernize it so that it meets the requirements for more efficient use of heating fuels. He has insulated my home so that the floors feel warmer in the winter. This insured that the cost of heating was kept much lower. The roofs were covered with metal so that the snow slides off without having to move it with a shovel or roof rake. Also, insurance costs are reduced with metal roofing.

There were old, poorly insulated windows in two bedrooms. He replaced these with double paned windows that have cut out drafts.

The most recent improvement is the remodeling of the bathroom. He installed a new tub and tiled the walls so that the bathroom is easier to clean and looks fresh and modern.

He cleans up regularly as he is doing each job so that it interferes minimally with your daily living. He is respectful of your property and completes projects as efficiently as possible.

I am pleased to recommend Benjamin Below for building and remodeling."

~Barbara C. Knox - Harpswell Resident

“Thanks for a Great Job!!”

~Don Rickel

“I thank all of you for turning my house into a Beautiful Home!”

~M. L.

“Dear Ben, Nice work! I am so impressed with my new dining room, deck and siding. Thank you for the excellent clean up too!”

~Cathy Kelley

“My wife is very happy! She says you are truly a Craftsman. Thank you!”

~Mike Hamlyn


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