We are pleased to be the Maine Certified Installer of the family of roofing materials that offer a level of performance, durability and aesthetic appeal un-matched in today’s building materials market, Enviroshake Quality Engineered Roofing ®

Enviroshake Quality Engineered Roofing® offers all of these qualities and more.  LEED and NGBS certified Enviroshake products offer maintenance free, LIFETIME WARRANTIES with UNLIMITED TRANSFERABLITY.

Unquestionably Sensible Roofing Materials
That Will Make Your Home’s Next Roof Its LAST!

The truly authentic visual and textural reproduction of natural wood shakes and shingles and slate roofing tiles by Enviroshake® products along with the outstanding ruggedness of the 95% post-industrial recycled materials gives you a combination that can’t be beat.

The quality of emulation is so high that Enviroshake® roofing meets the rigorous demands of historic renovations.  In 2010 Enviroshake Quality Engineered Roofing® was installed on what is known today on the National Register of Historic Places as the Wheeler-Minot Farmhouse/Henry David Thoreau Birth House, locally known in Concord, MA as “Thoreau Farm”. 

A staff member from Thoreau farm wrote to us; “We have been very happy with Enviroshake. We got several samples of similar roofing but our historic architect deemed this one the most aesthetically accurate for the time period.”

Here is the link for their website that has more photos of the farm house with the Enviroshake® roof:


But what really sold us is the ruggedness factor Enviroshake® demonstrates with its UV, weathering, wind and impact resistance.

Officially, Enviroshake® has been tested by CCMC (Canadian Construction Material Certification) a third party laboratory to ASTM (American Standard Testing Method) G-53 UV Exposure, ASTM D1149 Ozone Resistance, ASTM G155 Accelerated Weathering (5000 Hour) and passed all these tests.

Officially, wind resistance was tested for Miami-Dade building codes (180 mph) and passed.

Unofficially, in real life, a recently installed Enviroshake® roof in the Philippines survived super Typhoon Haiyan in November of 2013 (the strongest tropical storm recorded at landfall, 195 mph sustained winds with gust up to 235 mph!) un-damaged

Officially, Enviroshake® has also been lab tested to the UL 2218 Impact Resistance of Prepared Roof Covering Materials standard and met the maximum impact resistance requirements of the test.

Unofficially, I had my 7 ½ y.o. son do an impact test of our own using a 20oz. framing hammer.  The results can be seen at this YOU TUBE link:

We know your time is valuable but please take a couple of minutes to check this video out.  It is very impressive. 

Here are a couple of up close photos that give you a better look at how well the Enviroshake profile endured Sam’s abuse after 8 or more goes (4+ on either side of the keyway)! 

If you look really carefully at the photo of the back you can see a very minor hairline fracture that in no way compromises the function of the shake.  And if I hadn’t told you about it you wouldn’t have even seen it!!

On the front, appearance side, there is no visible damage even up close! WOW!

Front of Shake profile after 4 or more
poundings from Sam

Back of Shake profile after 4 or more
poundings from Sam

Enviroshake® was originally developed as a high performance replacement for wood cedar shakes and shingles but it is so much more!   Enviroshake® is THE choice for lifetime value over all other roofing options!

If you are thinking about metal roofing, think again.  Metal roof material warranties are for only 35 years and do not offer warranties on the materials at all if installed on structures within ½ mile of salt water.  There is good reason for this as metal roofs near salt water start rusting in as little as 10 years!

MY 10 Year Old Metal Roof Rusting.  Wish I had known
about Enviroshake® back then!

And once the rust starts you are in for years of maintenance costing thousands of dollars!

15y.o.+/- Metal Roof Already Getting Touch Up Painting. 
The beginning of a lifetime of maintenance!

Metal roofs are also vulnerable to aesthetic damage from hail, falling tree branches and blowing debris that dent and scratch the metal pans that will then start to rust prematurely and can’t be repaired to original condition without large expense.

My 10 y.o. metal roof showing fading already!

Painted metal roofs also fade and end up being a variety of shades depending on sun exposure, losing their aesthetic appeal.

Metal roofs are also known for dumping huge amounts of snow and ice when the roof warms up enough to allow a little melting.  This snow dumping can be inconvenient when it happens in front of entrance doorways and garage doors and can be downright dangerous if you or your pet’s timing is bad!

Depending on the complexity and details of the roof Enviroshake’s®’ installation cost can be on par or even less then metal roofing!  Making Enviroshake’s®’ lifecycle cost MUCH lower than metal roofs.

As for asphalt roof shingles there is NO comparison in durability and performance. Yes, the initial installation cost of Enviroshake® will be more then asphalt shingles depending on the roof complexity and details.

But the lifecycle value and shear ruggedness of Enviroshake® products more than makes up for this higher installation cost, especially when that next big storm comes along that strips your neighbor’s asphalt shingled roof while your Enviroshake® roof rides it out with NO hint of heavy weather having passing through. 

But what if you don’t plan on owning your home for the rest of your life?  With the unlimited transferable lifetime warranty of Enviroshake® the value of your house is significantly higher on resale. 

And even if the banks don’t fully recognize this increased value, a home with an Enviroshake® roof will sell faster and closer to the original asking price than a comparable home.  That’s increased value and more money in your pocket.

Enviroshake® roofing also keeps your home cooler in the summer than asphalt roofing.  Enviroshake® transfers 25% less heat from the sun than asphalt.  That means more comfort for you and your family and less cost to air condition if you have mechanical cooling equipment.

Finally, asphalt shingles can’t even come close to the beauty and aesthetic appeal of Enviroshake®.  Architectural asphalt shingles make an attempt to look something like a wood shake or shingled roof but don’t even come close.

Enviroshake®, Enviroshingle® and Enviroslate® are all press formed in dies that have been made from 3D images of the original material.  This ensures a visual appearance that is true to nature and pleasing to the eye while supporting and enhancing the entire aesthetic of the home’s exterior.

Maine’s certified Enviroshake® product installer, BFBRoofing, is a division of BFB Professional Home Builders LLC. 

In addition to the Life Time Warranty on the Enviroshake products, we offer a 10 year warranty on labor.  We use the highest quality installation materials, such as stainless steel fasteners, to compliment and ensure the quality and durability of your home’s next and LAST roof

Give us a call or drop us an email if you would like a FREE roof evaluation and cost estimate to replace your roof with Enviroshake Quality Engineered Roofing®.

We look forward to hearing from you and installing your Enviroshake® LIFETIME Roofing, As Beautiful and Rugged As the Great State of Maine.

For additional pictures and information check out the Enviroshake® web page:


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Enviroshake Press Release - Typhoon Haiyan



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