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As a young child Ben Below, the resident builder, craftsman, business owner & manager of BFBHomes LLC drove
his mother crazy taking his brand new toys apart to see how they worked, then drove himself crazy trying to put them
back together. In time Ben got better and better at reassembling his toys and grew to really enjoy working with his
hands and brain to manipulate physical reality.

Ben moved on from disassembly and reassembly of toys to starting from scratch with scrap wood, nails and hammers
he found in his dad’s basement workshop to build all manner of contraptions and creations, and at times driving his
father crazy. During childhood summer evenings Ben would follow behind his dad mowing the lawn, raking the grass
clippings into piles. Once done raking into big piles Ben used the clippings to outline house layouts on the lawn,
dreaming of designing and building real homes.

As he grew older Ben began helping his dad work on the family wooden power boat, repairing and painting the 20’ lap
strake runabout to make her ready for summer boating. Once in high school Ben more or less had full responsibility
for preparing the boat for launch and hauling her out in the fall. Along the way he rebuilt the 12’ skiff that his older
brothers had built years before.

The oil embargo and energy crisis of the early 1970 left a big impression on Ben. After reading John Blair’s 1976 book
“The Control of Oil” his senior year of high school Ben began exploring more about energy use in modern human society.
Then at the end of his freshman year at Boston University Ben learned about the up coming protest and occupation of the proposed Seabrook, NH nuclear power station.

Having a rudimentary understanding of the dangers of nuclear power Ben became involved with the occupation and was
arrested with 1415 other concerned citizens on April 1, 1977. Ben was detained along with the other occupiers in NH
state National Guard armories. This was an extremely educational experience which introduced Ben to all sorts of new information from fellow protestors including solar energy, passive solar design strategies, energy efficient building and
much, much more.

Meanwhile before his freshman year of college was done Ben grew restless with the academic life, submitted a leave
absence request (without telling his mom, which when she received the paperwork in the mail drove her crazy again!)
and found a job with a boat builder on Westport Island, Maine starting as soon as the school year was done (and Ben
was released from jail!). This boat builder was also a home builder who gave Ben a chance to learn both boat carpentry
and house carpentry.

After his first boat/house carpentry job on Westport Island Ben moved to Boothbay Harbor to work with his life long
mentor Joe Jackimovicz building 2 Outward Bound Hurricane Island Pulling Boats. This job was a dream come true
that laid a solid foundation for Ben’s developing craftsmanship.

Alas, Ben had made a promise to his mom after she had gone crazy with his leaving Boston University that he would
return to college after a year of boat and home building. Not wanting to return to Boston University Ben headed to
Colby College for the next 2 years till he grew restless again and returned to Boston. Ben immediately found a job in
a cooperatively run woodworking shop, Sequoia Wood Working. Here Ben learned about cabinet making and general woodworking.

Not having finished college at Colby Ben’s mom was insistent that he finish school. Upon leaving his job at Sequoia to
return to school at UMASS Boston Ben was paid a high compliment by the shop foreman in a vain attempt to get Ben
to stay that Ben “…was a natural craftsman and woodworker.”

After finally graduating from UMASS Boston in 1983, with a degree in economics, Ben started his first building/woodworking business in Boston. Among the many projects in his first 2 years of business Ben built his fist passive solar addition in
Concord, MA. Ben also did numerous remodeling and renovation jobs as well as kitchen projects.

In 1985 home was calling and Ben returned to Harpswell, Maine and has been developing his craftsmanship in the
Brunswick-Harpswell area ever since.

As the years have rolled by Ben has developed many interests that profoundly enhance his abilities and talents as a
builder and craftsman. These include Dowsing, Sacred Architecture, Permaculture, Feng Shui and Labyrinths. Please
be sure to check out the resource pages for more information on these interesting topics.

Ben lives with the love of his life Lisa and their energetic, intelligent and talented son, Sam in Harpswell. Sam is showing
great promise following in his father’s footsteps by driving his mother (and father) crazy taking apart his brand new toys
to see how they work…

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